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Conference Facilities

Our conference rooms are well equipped with air-conditioning, flip charts, white boards, pens, booklets, water, peppermints and two tea breaks.


Hadeda Venue

This Vene is named after the bird Hadeda that is seen on the riverbanks of the Vaal River at Raaswater River Lodge. The Hadeda’s name comes from the sound it makes when it calls “ha-ha-deda”. This sound is usually very destinctive and loud. The Hadeda sleeps in groups in trees and can be seen in green, water areas.


The Hadeda Venue is the biggest venue at Raaswater. The venue can be used for corporate conferences or any other functions. The Hadeda can sit up to 80 people with tables in school room style and 200 people in cinema style.


Hadeda Venue is also situated on the banks of the river with a beautiful scenery of the river and green lawns for that special occasion.


For Functions


The Hadeda can sit up to 100 people comfortable.


Call between office hours for function and conference information.

Kolgans Venue

The Kolgans is named after the water bird Kolgans (Egyptian Goose). The kolgans can be found nearby inland waters and rivers. The Kolgans usually sleeps next to water. The female goose makes a noisy sound while the male makes a hissing sound.


The Kolgans Conference Venue can accommodate up to 35 people in classroom style with tables and up to 70 people in cinema style.


Kolgans Venue is near the dining room, bar, swimmingpool and office and is defnitly the most popular Venue.


Call between office hours for function and conference information.

Tarentaal Venue

The venue is named after the bird Tarentaal (Guineafowl). The tarentaal is seen in pax in grass velds and valleys. The Tarentaal can be seen along the roads on your way to Raaswater.


Tarentaal Conference Venue that can accommodate up to 20 people in boardroom style.


The venue is situated in the middle of all the luxury rooms and near the teambuilding courses.



Call between office hours for function and conference information.

Corporate Group Accommodation

See our luxury rooms

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